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Catalogue 11                        December 2015

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1.Notes on the District of Menteith for Tourists and Others by R.B. Cunningham Graham. Illustrated with pen and ink drawings by Walter Bain.H.B Originally published in 1895. This 3rd edition published in 1907. £20

2.Mediaeval Scotland by R.W. Cochran-Patrick. Chapters on Agriculture,Manufactures,Factories, Taxation, Revenue, Trade, Commerce, Weights and Measures.  The chapters in this book apart from two, first appeared in the Glasgow Herald as a series of articles on Early Scotland.  8 Chapters with Illustrations. H.B. Published in 1891. Ex Library. £15
3.Moll is Cruithneachd. Bardachd a Phuilein. Aonghas Caimbeul e Nis ann a Leodhas. Leabhar de bhardachd a chaidh fhoillseachadh ann a 1972. H.B le D/J. £8
4.Ministers and Men in the Far North by the Rev Alexander Auld Author of “Life of John Kennedy, D.D.” Etc. H.B. Published in 1957. Originally published in 1869, this third edition was printed in 1957. Contents: Introductory View of the Earlier Ecclesiastical State of Caithness. Memoir of Rev Alexander Gunn of Watten, Rev John Munro of Halkirk, Rev Finlay Cook of Reay, Rev Archibald Cook of Bruan and Daviot and Rev John Sinclair of Bruan. Includes the story of 50 men of the county and also 9 christian women. £20
5.Scotland Picturesque and Traditional. A Pilgrimage with Staff and Knapsack by George Eyre-Todd with fifty seven illustrations. 24 chapters which covers the area from Solway Sands to John O’Groats. 4th Edition. Published in 1931. £10
6.Iona a History of the Island with descriptive notes by F.Marian McNeill. 13 chapters and included is an Index of Antiquities and Topography. Ex library. Sixth Edition. H.B. Ex Library. Published in 1973. £6
7. Ford A Village in the West Highlands of Scotland by John B. Stephenson. The author has produced here a careful analysis of a village of some 160 people and has managed to do so without resort to the sort of romance and nostalgia which so often mars such accounts. H.B With D/J Published in 1984. 6 Chapters. £8
8.The History of the Highland Clearances by Alexander Mackenzie, with a new introduction by Ian MacPherson M.P. H.B With D/J 2ND Edition. Published in 1946. Chapters on Sutherland, Trial of Patrick Sellar, Ross Shire, Inverness Shire, The Hebrides, Argyllshire,Buteshire,Perthshire, Notable Dicta and Statistical Statement showing the population in 1831,1841,1851,1881 and 1911 of all parishes in whole or in part in the Counties of Perth, Argyll, Inverness, Ross and Cromarty, Caithness and Sutherland. £20
9.Obair Gun Duais? Alasdair MacGilleMhicheil. A tional ainmean Gaidhlig eun. A Thankless Task? Alexander Carmichael as a collector of Gaelic bird names by Tristan Ap Rheinallt. P.B Published in 2010. £4
10.Forgotten Scotland. Rambles and Scrambles off the Beaten Track and Other Memories by Robert J. Drummond D.D. Dr Drummond is a former Moderator of the old United Free Church. The book is the harvest of a life time of holidays. Photographs by Robert M. Adam. H.B with D/J 2nd Edition. Published in 1937. £8
11.Over the Hills and not so far Away by Martin Whittet. Reprinted from Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Vol LVI 1988-1990. Booklet.  45 pages. £5
12.Memoirs  and Sermons of the Rev Alexander Macleod Rogart formerly of Uig, Lewis with Brief Memoir by the Rev D. Beaton Wick. Foreword by Rev W.Maclean, Ness, Isle of Lewis. Booklet. Printed in 1959. 46 pages. £5
13.East Lothian. The Coast, The Countryside, The Towns & Villages Around Haddington as seen by Doris Ann Goodchild. P.B Printed in 1980. £5
14.From Rebel to Hero. The Image of the Highlander, 1745-1830 by Robert Clyde. This book explores the  rehabilitation of the Scottish Gael from the time of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 to 1830. H.B With D/J Published  in 1998. £8
15.The Double Tressure. Journal  of the Heraldry of Scotland Volume I. 1977 78. Magazine 65 pages £5
16.The Highland Campaign of 1653-1655. Scots Royalists and Cromwells Pax Anglica by G.D. Richardson. An Inverness Field Club Publication. Presidential Address to Inverness Field Club 21st March 1990. Booklet 22 pages £4
17.Traquair Innerleithen Peebleshire. The Oldest Inhabited House in Scotland. A Historical Survey by Peter Maxwell Stuart the 20th Laird. Booklet 27 pages. Printed in 1981. £5
18.The Skye Museum of Island Life in Kilmuir Skye. Booklet. 13 pages. £5
19.The Northern and Western Isles in the Viking World. A National Library of Scotland Publication. Booklet Printed in 1981. £5
20. The Oilmen. The North Sea Tigers by Bill Mackie. The book reveals in words and dramatic pictures the extraordinary personal stories of the brave men and women who made it all happen above and below some of the most treacherous waters on earth. The dramatic announcement of the discovery of North Sea oil on 11 October 1970 signalled the symbolic launch of an exciting new economic era for Scotland. P.B. Published in 2004. £8
21. An Enduring Testimony for Christ. The History of Inverness East Church 1798-1998 by Angus Macdonald. Booklet 80 pages. Printed in 1998 £5
22.Fifty Mighty Men by Grant MacEwan. A best seller in Canada when it was first published in 1958. The subjects were selected because of their contribution to the history of Canada. This P.B Edition was published in 1982. £5
23.Nova Scotia’s Two Remarkable Giants by Phyllis R. Blakeley. The heart warming story of Anna Swan, Canada’s only Giantess, who rose from humble beginnings to world renown. An account of Giant Angus Macaskill who amazed people at home and abroad with herculean feats of strength. Foreword by George Swan. Booklet.  42 pages. Printed in 1992. £5
24.Fiughalaich Eileanach. Iain Murchaidh Bhig a Tabost Nis agus Mairi Chaluim Alasdair a Siadair Leis an Urramach Iain Macleoid An Eaglais Shaor Barahas. Leabharann. Air Fhoillseachadh  1947. £4
25.Stornoway The Hub of the Isles by Frank Thompson. This book offers a complementary perspective based on the “bread and butter”, bottom line dimension associated with the economic life of the Western Isles. P.B. Published in the mid 1990’s. £5
26.Landscapes and Longings. A selection of Island scenes and Bible meditations. Text by the Rev Iain D Campbell. Artwork by Ivor Mackay. Booklet. Date of printing unknown. 27 pages. £4
27.Gnathasan Cainnte. Air an cruinneachadh le Domhnall Greumach, Tolstadh Bho Thuath ann a Leodhas. Leabharann. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 2010. £5
28.The Sea Kings Daughter & Eureka by George Mackay Brown. Illustrations by Alan Watson & Erlend Brown. P.B. Published in 1991. £5
29.The Uist Collection. The Poems and Songs of John Maccodrum. Archibald Macdonald and Some of the Minor Uist Bards. Edited with Introduction and Notes by Rev Archibald Macdonald Kiltarlity. Other Bards include: Alexander Macdonald (An Dall Mor), Donald Maclean, Neil MacVicar, Donald MacLellan, Rachael Macdonald, Angus Campbell, Malcolm Macleod, John Macdonald & Alexander Stewart. H.B. 1st Edition. Published in 1894. Some pages loose at the front of the book. Ex Library. £25
30.The Modern Crofters Cookbook. ATaste of the Western Isles. A book put together by the community of Bernera, Lewis in the early 1990’s. P.B. With Binding. £6
31.Clan Donald’s Greatest Defeat. The Battle of Harlaw 1411 by John Sadler.P.B. Published in 2005. £6
32.Am Fear Meadhanach. Nobhail le Alasdair Caimbeul. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1992. £5
33.Deireadh an Fhoghair. Nobhail le Tarmod Caimbeul. H.B. Le D/J air fhoillseachadh ann an 1979. £5
34.Highland Landforms by Robert Price. In this revised edition of his classic study of the most freshly-minted landscape in north west Europe. Robert Price describes in words and pictures the processes responsible for the development of landforms. This book was originally published in 1976. This revised P.B. Edition was published in 1991. £6
35.Bartholomew Whisky Map of Scotland. Compiled by Andrew Elder. This pictorial map shows the location of 128 distilleries in Scotland. Over 30 of them are illustrated and details are included of those at which visitors are welcome. The history and art of distilling are described and the difference between malts, grains and blends explained. £6
36. Scotland for Everyman. A practical and historical guide by H.A. Piehler. With 24 sectional maps in colour. There are sections on How to Travel, Where to Stay, a Scottish Calendar and a Glossary, besides a Bibliography and a copious Index. H.B. With D/J New Edition Revised 1963. Eleventh Printing.£8
37.The bigmen. Personal memories of Glasgow’s police by Joe Pieri. P.B Published in 2001.£5
38.People in a Landscape. The New Highlanders. Magnus Linklater with Photography by Craig Mackay. This is a story,told with pictures, about a wild and sometimes forbidding landscape and the people who live in it.P.B Published in 1997. £6
39.Along Great Western Road. An Illustrated History of Glasgow’s West End by Gordon R.Urquhart. This book tells the fascinating story of the famed West End of Glasgow, Scotland’s grandest Victorian suburb. Lavishly illustrated with more than 300 photographs. (many never before published) H.B With D/J Published in 2000, this revised edition was published in 2002. £10
40.Sketches of Some of the Men of Sutherland by the late George Macdonald, Lairg. With preface by the Rev John Macleod D.D Principal of the Free Church College Edinburgh. H.B Published in 1937. £15
41. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Volume 125 1995. H.B Published in 1995. 600 pages. £15
42.Prayers and Meditations Composed by Samuel Johnson L.L.D And Published from his Manuscripts by George Strahan M.A, Vicar of Islington, Middlesex, and Rector of Little Thurrock in Essex. The Second Edition. Published in 1785. H.B Rebound. £100
43.Robert Dick Baker of Thurso –Geologist and Botanist by Samuel Smiles L.L.D. With a portrait etched by Paul Rajon and numerous illustrations. H.B Fully Rebound. Published in 1878. £45

44. The Scottish Minstrel and Songs and Song Writers of Scotland Subsequent to Burns. With Memoirs of the Poets by the Rev Charles Rogers L.L.D. F.S.A. Scot. historiographer to the historical society. H.B. Fully Rebound. 2nd Edition. Published in 1873. £65

45. The Present Cast and Tendency of Religious Thought and Feelings in Scotland. Eight Articles contributed to the "Perthshire Courier" from 4th February to 1st April 1879 by the late John Kennedy D.D. Dingwall, with Preface by the Rev D.M. Ma cAlistair Moderator of the Free Church General Assembly. Booklet. 62 pages. Date of printing unknown. £5

46. Reminiscences of an Orkney Parish by John Firth. Together with Old Orkney Words, Riddles and Proverbs. H.B With D/J Published in 1974. £10

47.Rhymes 'n Reasons by Donald Campbell. With an introduction by Hugh MacDiarmid. P.B 48 poems. Published in 1972. £5

48.Am Filidh Latharnach le Calum Caimbeul Macphail "Am Bard Latharnach" H.B With D/J Published in 1947. Ex Library. £8

49.Past and Present of Aberdeenshire or Reminiscences of Seventy Years by Rev William Paul. D.D. Minister of Banchory-Devenick. 2nd Edition. H.B. Published in 1881. £15

50.The Border Reivers by Godfrey Watson. The author tries to find out who exactly where the Reivers and what kind of people where they? The result is a fascinating description of sixteenth century life in that land of romance the Border between Scotland and England. H.B. With D/J originally published in 1974, this reprint is from 1995. £6

51.Orain Chaluim being the poems of Malcolm Macaskill bard of Berneray, Harris. Edited by Alex Morrison M.A. Includes a Preface and Introduction. H.B with D/J. Signs of dampness at the bottom of the first 4 pages. Otherwise in good condition. Date of Publishing unknown. £15

52.The Great Forest of Lewis by Michael Robson. Includes maps. The Forest, as seen in this book, is still an unmatched place and unique in the history of the Lewis landscape. P.B. Published in 2011. £6

53. The Claim of Crofting. The Scottish Highlands and Islands 1930-1990 by James Hunter. This uniquely authoritative and highly readable account of crofting developments since the 1930's is a major contribution to the modern history of Scotland. H.B with D/J Published in 1991. £5

54.Bardachd Mhurchaidh a Cheisdear Laoidhean agus Orain. Songs and Hymns by Murdo Macleod (The Lewis Bard)  An Introduction about the poet his life and family is in English. All the compositions are in a Gaelic. H.B with D/J Published in 1962. £8

55.Shipwrecked on Vatersay. The true story of the emigrant ship 'Annie Jane' wrecked September 1853 on the Island of Vatersay Outer Hebrides by Bob Charnley. Booklet. 35 Pages. Printed in 1992. £5

56. Water Under The Bridge, Bernera, Isle of Lewis Newsletter No7 September 1992. Includes articles on the Bernera Rioters of 1874. £5

57.Water Under The Bridge, Bernera, Isle of Lewis Newsletter. A special souvenir edition to commemorate the fifty years of the opening of the Bernera Bridge. Printed on 18th July 2003. 8 pages. £5

58.Kinlochbervie and Beyond. Crofting, Fishing - Past, Present, Future by Andrew Marshall. Booklet. 50 pages. Printed in 2002. £6

59. The Wee Glasgow Facts Book by G. Keelie. Compiled by Jack & Paul Devlin. Booklet, printed in 1989. 54 pages. £5

60.Air Druim An Eich Sgiathaich  le Pol Mac a' Bhreatunnaich. Sgeulachdan goirid mu tachartasan aig am an darna cogaidh. P.B air fhoillseachadh ann an 1987. £5

61.The Clan of Lochlann and Silis. Two Celtic Plays by Bessie J.B. MacArthur. P.B. With cover. Printed in 1928. £6

62.St Columba Gaelic Church Glasgow. A history of the place and it's people by Rev Donald N. Macdonald. Booklet. Printed in 1985. £6

63.An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language by Alexander Macbain L.L.D. H.B. 2nd Edition. Published in 1911. £8

64.Survival against the Odds. The story of Petty Officer Donald Mackinnon Russian Convoy Survivor in World War 2. P.B. Published in 2000. £5

65.People and Society in Scotland VolumeI. 1760-1830. Edited by T.M. Devine and Rosalind Mitchell. A Social History of Modern Scotland in Three Volumes. P.B. Ex Library. Published in 1988. £6

66.Huntly Parish Church 1805-2005 by Patrick W.Scott. P.B. Published in 2005. £6

67.St Margaret's Huntly. The story of a parish by Ann Dean. Booklet. 62 pages. Printed in 2008. £5

68.Back to the wind front to the sun. The Traditional Croft House by Caroline Hirst based on the collections of the late Angus Macleod of Calbost, Isle of Lewis. 4 chapters: The Architecture and Construction of the Crofting House, The Interior Layout and it's Furnishings, The Role of the Home in the Everyday Running of the Croft, The Family and Community Life. P.B. Published in 2005. £6

69.The Border Ballads by James Reed. H.B. With D/J Published in 1973. £8

70.The People of the Great Faith. The Highland Church 1690-1900 by Douglas Ansdell. P.B. Published in 1998. £6

71. The Heartburnings of a Moderator by the Rt Rev Dr John T. Carson. This booklet consists of things that have come hot from my heart during the past year. Booklet. Printed in 1970. Signed by the author. £5

72.Lochfyneside Church Minard 1900-2000. A Century of Service by Roderick Macleod. Booklet. 38 pages. Printed in 2000. £5

73.A desert place in the Sea. The early churches of Northern Lewis by Michael Robson. Booklet. Printed in 1997. £5

74.Lochfyneside. Furnace, Crarae and Minard. A History of the District in recent times by Alexander Fraser. H.B with D/J Published in 1971. £10

75.Fishermen with Ploughs. A Poem Cycle by George Mackay Brown. H.B. Published in 1974 and signed by the author. £10

76.The Highlands and Islands 20th Annual Report 1985. A4 size booklet. £5

77. The Highlands and Islands Development Board 19th Annual Report 1984. A4 size booklet. £5

78.Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Session MCMXLV- MCMXLVI Vol VIII 1945-47. H.B. £20

79. The Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell reprinted from early editions With Memoir, Explanatory Notes, Etc. H.B Fully Rebound. Date of publishing unknown. £20

80.A Highland Waif. A Study in Ethics. A Story for a Bottom Dog by James Macleod. H.B. Published in 1928. 1st edition. £10

81.Four Scottish Journeys. An Identity Rediscovered by Andrew Eames. The English grandson of a Skye Crofters Andrew Eames decided to find out exactly what always drew him back to Scotland, undertaking four journeys as varied as the country itself. P.B. Published in 1991. £4

82.The Islands of a Western Scotland by W.H. Murray. P.B. Published in 1973. £10

83.Scotland before History. An essay by Stuart Piggott with illustrations by Keith Henderson. H.B. Published in 1958, 2nd edition. £8

84. A Short History Of Scotland by P.Hume. Brown, Late Professor of Ancient Scottish History and Palaeography, University of Edinburgh; and Historiographer-Royal for Scotland. H.B. Date of Publishing unknown. £8

85.Tales of Old Gamekeepers by Brian P. Martin. H.B. With D/J Published in 1989. £8

86.Rugby's Great Heroes and Entertainers by Bill Maclaren. H.B with D/J Published in 2003. £5

87.The Loch A Year in the life of a Scottish Loch. Accompanies the TV Series by Roy Dennis. H.B. With D/J Published in 1993. With specially commissioned photographs by Peter Moore. £6

88.The Great Wood of Caledon  by Hugh Miles and Brian Jackman. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. £6

89.On the Other Side of Sorrow. Nature and People in the Scottish Highlands by James Hunter. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995 and signed by the author. £6

90.The Scottish Highland Estate. Preserving an Environment. Michael Wigan Photography by Glynn Satterley. P.B Published in 1991. £6

91. Thistle and Thyme. Tales and Legends from Scotland. Retold by Sorche Nic Leodhas. P.B. First printed in the UK in 1965, this edition from 1985. £5

92. Some Helmsdale Memories  by JRD Campbell. This book throws some light on how life was lived in the village in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Included are some f the after effects of the clearances, and the efforts of the landowners and others to overcome some of the hardship involved. P.B. Published in 1998. £6

93.Sutherland An Illustrated Architectural Guide. By Elizabeth Beaton. P.B. Date of Printing unknown. £6

94.A Man, A Bike Alone Through Scotland by Eugene Cantin. In the spring of 1974, tennis professional Eugene Cantin set out on what was to become a 2000 mile bike trip through Scotland. P.B. Published in 1977. £5

95.The a Highland Clearances by John Prebble. This is the story of he Scottish chiefs and lairds preferred The a Great Cheviot Sheep "finely shaped with countenance mild and pleasant" to the clansmen who had once been their warrior rent-roll. Between 1790 and 1850 a whole race was dispossessed and dispersed. H.B with D/J. Published in 1963. 1st edition. £10

96.The Gaelic Place a Names and Heritage of Inverness by Roddy Maclean. P.B. Published in 2004. £8

97.Gnathasan Cainnte (Gaelic Idioms) with free translations. Compiled by Duncan Macdonald Headmaster Sandwickhill Public School, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. H.B. Published in 1932. £10

98.An Autobiography Andy Irvine with Ian Robertson. The autobiography of a Scottish rugby great. H.B with D/J Published in 1985. £5

99.Highland Heritage by Grace Campbell. Being the account by a Scots -Canadian of journeyings made in search of the ancient clan domains and meetings with some well known Scots. H.B. With D/J Published in 1962. £6

100.Every-day life on an a Highland a Farm 1769-1782 by I.F. Grant. This book is based on an account book kept by William Macintosh of Balnespick between 1769 and 1782. He leased his land in Badenoch, upper Strath Spey, as a tacks an of Macintosh of Macintosh. H.B. With D/J published in 1924, this edition was reprinted in 1981. £10

101.History of Cardenas Place Church Aberdeen by John Johnston. H.B. Published in 1959. £10

102. The Shetland Story by Liv Kjorsvik Schei. Photographs by Gunnie Moberg. Drawings by Kari Williamson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1988. £8

103.Stornoway in World War Two by Mike Hughes with John Davenport. Stornoway played an important and under rated role both at sea and in the air in the winning of the Battle of the Atlantic and the Second World War. This booklet contains pictures not previously published. Booklet. Printed in 2008. £5

104. The Moray Book. Editor Donald Omand. Contents: The Natural Environment, Historical and General. H/B With D/J Published in 1976. £10

105.Personal Names and Surnames of the Town of Inverness by Alexander Macbain M.A. H.B. Published in 1895. £30

106.Consider The Lillies. This is a novel about the Highland Clearances. Opinions from Ian Grimble, Neil M. Gunn, Edwin Morgan, John Prebble, Martin Seymour Smith are printed on the flap. H.B. With D/ J Published in 1969. Third impression. £6

107.Banner in the West. A spiritual history of Lewis and Harris by John Macleod. Banner in the West is a tale never before told - of robust people in a unique, stripping environment, upheld by faith profound as the Hebridean sea. H.B. With D/J Published in 2008. £8

108. The Soap Man. Lewis, Harris and Lord Leverhulme by Roger Hutchinson. The story of Lord Leverhulme's ownership of Lewis and Harris in the early years of the Twentieth Century. P.B. First published in 2003, this edition is from 2009. £4

109. Bonnie Prince Charlie A Biography by Susan Maclean Kybett. This is without doubt the definite biography of Bonnie Prince Charlie. H.B With D/J Published in 1988 and a presentation copy signed by the author. £8

110. The best of Traditional Scottish Cooking. More than 60 classic step by step recipes from the varied regions of Scotland, illustrated with over 250 photographs by Carol Wilson and Christopher a Trotter. A4 size booklet. Printed in 2010. £6

111. The Folklore of the Sea by Margaret Baker. For everyone who enjoys strange stories and the chilly fascination of the unconquered sea, or thrills to watch man pitting himself against merciless elements, this book is a delight and a mine of information. H.B With D/J Published in 1979. £8
112. Beside the Ocean of Time by George Mackay Brown. A novel. P.B. Published in 1994. £5
113.The Scottish Castle by Stewart Cruden. This book does not offer a series of descriptions of Scottish Castles, it attempts to explain them, and ventures some criticisms. H.B. Published in 1960. £12
114.The Celtic Place Names of Scotland by W.J. Watson. P.B. Originally published in 1926, this reprint is from 1993. £6
115.Quincentennial Studies in the history of The University of Aberdeen. Academe and Empire. Some overseas Connections of Aberdeen University 1860-1970 by John D. Hargreaves. P.B Published in 1994.£8
116.John Brown of Haddington by Robert Mackenzie. The story of a famous Scottish Churchman from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. A book originally published in 1916, this P.B Edition is from 1964. P.B. £5
117.The Hebrides in Old Picture Postcards by Francis Thompson. This book covers the period from 1880-1930. H.B.Published in 1989. £6
118.The Irish Manuscript Commission. Analecta Hibernica Includes the Report of the Irish Manuscripts Commission. No 2 January 1931. P.B. £15
119.The Modern Gaelic-English Dictionary. Am faclar ur Gaidhlig –Beurla by Robert C. Owen. Specially recommended for learners, containing pronunciation, irregular verb tables, grammatical information, examples of idiomatic usage. P.B. Originally published in 1993, this edition is from 2001. £5
120.English –Gaelic Dictionary Compiled by John Mackenzie. Formerly published as Part 2 of Macalpine’s Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary. H.B. With D/J. Published in 1971. £5
121.Memoir Biographical Sketches, Letters, Lectures and Sermons (English and Gaelic) of the Rev Neil Cameron Glasgow. Edited by the Rev D. Beaton Oban. H.B. Published in 1932. £6
122. The Emigrant Scots Why they left and Where they went by Michael Brander. Indicating the world wide spread of the Scots and their enormous contribution to the lands where they settled. The author outlines a heritage of which all those of Scottish descent, whether living in Scotland or abroad, can feel justly proud. H/B With D/J Published in 1982. £8
123.A Ghaidhlig Air Aghaidh na Tire. Ainmean Aite ann an Iar Thuath na Gaidhealtachd. Gaelic in the Landscape. Place names in the North West Highlands by Ruairidh Macilleathain. P.B. Printed in 2007. £5
124. Language, Education and Social Processes in a Gaelic Community by Kenneth Mackinnon. Foreword by Professor Basil Bernstein. This book is based on the author’s fieldwork carried out in the Island of Harris between 1972 and 1974. P.B. Published in 1977. £8
125.Gaelic Sings by William Ross. Collected by John Mackenzie Inver-Ewe. New Edition Revised with Metrical Translation, Memoir Glossary and Notes by George Calder. H.B. Published in 1937. £12
126.Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. Selected by Lucia Turnbull. H.B Originally published in 1958. This reprint is from 1964. Ex Library book. £10
127.An Nighean air an aiseig. Nobhail le Aonghas Padraig Caimbeul. H.B Le D/J air fhoillseachadh ann an 2013. £5
128.Sia Dealbhan Cluiche le Alasdair Caimbeul.  Na Dealbhan Cluiche; An Staffroom, Toiseach an Earraich, An Sgriobhaiche, ‘Se Seo do Bheatha, Na Craoladairean, Am Fear a Chaidh dhan Eilean. P.B Air fhoillseachadh ann an 2011. £5
129.The Border From a Soldiers Point of View by Brigadier –General William Sitwell. With drawings by Robert Bertram and large coloured map. This book contains a short chronological record of the histories of Northumberland and Cumberland so far as they affect the Border. Follows an alphabetical list of most of the castles, with a short notice of each. Then the principal Border battles, and a brief summary of the Border Laws. H.B. Published in 1927. £20
130. Parish Life on the Pentland Firth by Morris Pottinger. “parish life on the Pentland Firth” is a collection of stories by Morris Pottinger drawn from old records of Caithness still surviving. H.B With D/J Published in 1997 £8

131. The Clans, Septs & Regiments of the Scottish Highlands by Frank Adam. 15 chapters. H.B. Published in 1907. £45

132. Scottish Place Names Their Study and Significance by W.F.H. Nicolaisen. Originally published in 1976, this P.B. Edition was published in 1986. £8

133. The Crofters War by I.M.M Macphail. 10 chapters which includes chapters on land disputes in Skye and Lewis in the late 1800's. H.B. With D/J published in 1989. £6

134. Start hardly it's history and it's people by A.G. Reid. Facts, History, Legends together with Personal Reminiscences. A4 size booklet. Originally printed in 1986, this 4th edition was printed in 2002. £6

135. The Poetical Works of William Nicholson with a memoir by Malcolm M'L. Harper. H.B. 4th edition. This edition was limited to 400 copies. Published in 1848. £30

136. Popular Rhymes of Scotland Robert Chambers. Third Edition. H.B. Published in 1870. £30

137.Modern Scottish Poets with biographical and critical notices. H.B, loose front board but otherwise in good condition. Published in 1888. £25

138. Life and Songs of the Baroness Nairne with a Memoir and Poems of Caroline Oliphant the Younger. Edited by the Rev Charles Rogers, Historiographer to the Historical Society. With a Portrait and other illustrations. H.B. Ex library. 2nd edition. Published in 1896. £35

139. Legendary Tales of the Highlands. A sequel to Highland Rambles by Sir Thomas Dick Lauder Bart. In three volumes. Volume I. H.B published in 1840. Fully Rebound. £30

140.Legendary Tales of the Highlands A sequel to Highland Rambles by Sir Thomas Dick Lauder Bart. In three volumes. Volume II. H.B. Published in 1846. Fully Rebound. £30

141.Legendary Tales of the Highlands by Sir Thomas Dick Lauder Bart. In three volumes. Two volumes in one. Volume III. H.B. Published in 1880. £30

142.The Story of Loganair. Scotland's Airline - the first 25 years by Iain Hutchison. P.B. Printed in 1987. £5

143. East Lothian Villages with drawings by John Knight and historical notes by John Gifford. P.B. Printed in 1992. £8

144. Strolling Through Scotland by W.S. Percy. Illustrated from the Author's Originals in Colour. Photogravure and Line. H.B. With D/J. A couple of tears at the front. Published in 1934. £15

145.RCAHMS Broadsheet 5. Canna The archaeology of a Hebridean Landscape. A National Trust of Scotland Publication. Pamphlet. £4

146. Scottish National War Memorial Official Guide. Booklet. 31 pages. Date of printing unknown. £5

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156.The Book Of Dunvegan Volumes 1&2. Volume 1 covers the period 1340-1700, Volume II 1700-1920. The Volumes are from documents from the Muniment Room at the Macleod of Macleod at Dunvegan Castle. Edited by The Late Canon R.C. Macleod of Macleod Vicar of Mitford. H.B. Vol I was published in 1938 and Volume II was published in 1939. £85

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162.A very civil people. Hebridean Folk, History and Tradition by John Lorne Campbell. Editor Hugh Cheape. P.B published in 2000. £5

163. Going Loco. Further adventures of a Scottish Country Doctor. By Dr Tom Smith. Picking up from where his first memoir left off, Dr Tom is back with more of his gloriously eccentric stories. Still based as a locus in his beloved Scottish Highlands, he now takes time out from the surgery for stints as a medical researcher, travelling wherever he is called, from Rio to Miami, Vienna to Bueonos Aires. P.B Published in 2000. £5

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167.Stray into Gold by David Toumlin.  A follow up to the author's first book Hard Shining Corn. H.B. Published in 1973.£6

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173. The Angus Macleod Archive. Angus 'Ease'Macleod M.B.E. 1916-2002. An introduction to the Collection. Compiled by Michael Robson. Includes a biography on Angus Macleod. Booklet. Printed in 2004 £5

174. Rikki Fulton The Autobiography. Is it that time already? The autobiography by one of Scotland's best known actors best remembered as one half of the comedy act Francie & Josie, and the Rev I.M. Jolly in Scotch &Wry. P.B. Published in 1999. £5

175. Highways and Byways in the Border by Andrew Lang and John Lang. With illustrations by Hugh Thomson. H.B Published in 1913. £15

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181.Heads on Pillows. Behind the scenes at a Highland B&B by Joan Campbell. P.B Published in 2009. £5

182. Antiquities of Strathearn with Historical and Traditionary Tales and Biographical Sketches of Celebrated Individuals Belonging to the District by John Shearer Jun. To Which is appended a guide to tourists. H.B. Third edition. Published in 1888. £30

183. The Wiles of the World. Caran An T-Saoghal. Edited By Donald Meek. Anthology of 19th Century Scottish Gaelic Verse. P.B. Published in 2003. £8

184. Clanship to Crofters War. The social transformation of the Scottish Highlands by T.M. Devine. This important book charts the story of the people of the Scottish Highlands from before the '45 to the great crofter's rebellion in the 1880's - a powerful story of defeat, social dissolution, emigration, rebellion and cultural revival. P.B. Published in 1994. £8

185.Laoidhean agus Orain le Ian Stiubhart Col, Eilean Leodhais. Leabharann. £4

186.Laoidhean Gaidhlig le Murchadh Macleoid Liurbost, Eilean Leodhais. Leabharann. £5

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194. The Lord of the Isles; a poem by Walter Scott. In six cantons. The scene of this poem lies, at first, in the Castle of Artornish, on the coast of Argyleshire; and, afterwards, in the Islands of Skye and Arran, and upon the coast of Ayrshire. Finally, it is laid near Stirling. H.B. Fourth Edition. £45

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205. Verse and Prose Grave and Gay by George Cunningham ("Pate M'Phun") H.B. Published in 1903. £25

206. Fearchair a' Ghunna The Ross shire Wanderer. His life and sayings by The Author of "The Maid of Fairburn" Third Edition revised and enlarged. P.B. Published in 1908. £8

207. A Gaelic Grammar, including a chapter on Personal and Place Names by George Calder. Containing the parts of speech and the general principles of phonology and etymology with a chapter on proper and place names. A reprint of the book that was originally published in 1923. H.B with D/J Published in 1972. £6

208.City by the Grey North Sea - Aberdeen by Fenton Wyness. City by the Grey Sea has been written with the idea of giving readers a general picture of Aberdeen from its foundation down to our own time - a mosaic, formed of countless pieces which, when placed together form a picture of life in the Burgh down the centuries. H.B With D/ J Published in 1965. This edition is from 1972. £10

209. Stained Radiance A Fictionist's Prelude. J.Leslie Mitchell (Lewis Grassic Gibbon) P.B. Published in 1930, this reprint with an introduction by Ian Campbell is from 2000. £4

210.Kilmuir Church, North Uist. Recipes. Booklet, with binding. Published in 2006. £5

211. The Church of St Michael of Linlithgow.  Written by Bruce Jamieson. Photographs by James Gardiner. Edited by Tom McGowan. Booklet, date of printing unknown. £5

212. The Scottish Commemorative Monument. Booklet put together by the St Andrews Society of Winnipeg where the monument is situated.  Printed in 1995. £5

213.Character Sketches of Old Callander by James Macdonald. This book was originally published in 1910. This H.B edition revised  and enlarged was published in 1938. With D/J £20

214. The French Macdonald. Journey of a Marshal of Napoleons in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Marshal Macdonald Duke of Tarentum. The 1825 Travel Diary of Jacques Etienne Joseph Alexandre Macdonald. With Commentries by Jean - Didier Hache and Domhnall Uilleam Stiubhart. H.B. Published in 2010. £6

215. Aberdeen an Illustrated Architectural Guide by WA Brogden. P.B. Published in 1986. £5

216. The Dictionary of Scottish Place Names by Mike Darton.  This is a definitive work of reference with over 5,000 entries. It is the most comprehensive book of its kind. H.B with D/J published in 1990. £6

217. History of the Cathedral Church of S.Andrew Inverness. Booklet. Date of printing unknown. £5

218. Behind Enemy Lines. The Autobiography of Britain's Most Decorated War Hero. Sir Tommy Macpherson with Richard Bath. This book is an astonishing story of how an ordinary boy came to achieve truly extraordinary feats when war came calling. H.B. With D/J published in 2010. £5

219. The Picador Book of Contemporary Scottish Fiction. Edited by Peter Kravitz. Writers include: A.L. Kennedy, Agnes Owens, William Mcilvanney, Liz Lochhead, Alan Spence, Janice Galloway, Iain Banks, Duncan McLean. H.B with D/J. Published in 1999, £6

220.Scottish Islands by Ian Grimble. P.B. First published in 1985, this edition is from 1988. £5

221.Surprise Island by James Shaw Grant. True stories from the Western Isles. A delightful bedside book. P.B. Published in 1985. Some stains and pen marks on cover, but otherwise in good condition. £6

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223. Isle of Shapinsay by William Irvine. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. £12

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225.Pauperism in Scotland Past and Present by Rev John Glasse. D.D. Printed for The Scottish National Committee for the Prevention of Destitution. P.B. Signed by the author £15

226. The Story of Tingwall Kirk by G.M. Nelson. The history of this ancient church in here told for the first time with the help of original documents. H.B a With D/J published in 1965. Slight tear at top of D/J. £10

227.Shetland's Living Landscape. A study in Island Plant Ecology by David Spence. Have you ever wondered why trees and shrubs do not grow naturally in Shetland although when planted they seem to thrive? This book gives the first guide to Shetland's plant life. H.B. With D/J published in 1979. £12

228.Islay: biography on an island by Margaret C. Storrie. 12 chapters: Perspective, Island Frame, Earlier Islanders, Hints of Change, Development, Consolidation, Walter Frederick's Islay, After 1850, Islay Malts, Architectural Heritage, Communications, Island Future. P.B. Published in 1981. £10

229.Domhnall Ruadh Chorunna. Orain is Dain le Domhnall Domhnallach A Uibhist a Tuath. Air a dheasachadh le Fred Macamhlaidh agus air fhoillseachadh le Comunn Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath. Ainm am fear deasachaidh air a chiad duilleag. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1995. £10

230.Mull The Island & Its People by Jo Currie. The first comprehensive history written about the island and it's inhabitants. H.B. With D/J Published in 2000. £15

231.Island Postal History Series: No 11. Scottish Islands Supplement & Catalogue by James A. Mackay. Contents: Harris & St Kilda, The Uists & Barra, Lewis, Skye & the Small Isles, Arran & Cumbrae, Bute, Orkney & Stroma, Shetland, Mull, Iona, Coll & Tiree, Islay, Jura & the other Argyll Islands, Extracts from 'The Stent Book of Islay 1718 - 1843, Catalogue of Scottish Island Postal Markings. A4 size booklet. Printed in 1980. Very scarce. £20

232.Aberdeen Century of Change. Introduction and Commentries by Fenton Wyness. H.B. With D/J Published in 1971. £10

233. Scottish Gaelic Union Catalogue edited by Mary Ferguson & Ann Matheson. A list of books printed in Scottish Gaelic from 1567 to 1973. H.B. With D/J. Published in 1984. Tear at front of D/J. £20

234. The Geology and Scenery of the Grampians and The Valley of Strathmore Vol 1 & 2. By Peter MacNair. Illustrated with numerous Photographs, Diagrams and Maps. H.B. Published in 1908. £90 for the 2 volumes.

235. Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun. His Life and Times by W.C. Mackenzie. H.B. Published in 1935. £20

236.A Shetland Parish Doctor. Some recollections of a Shetland parish doctor during half a century by H.P. Taylor.  Dr Taylor was medical officer for Yell and Fetlar, Shetland from June 1890 to November 1935. With foreword by Thomas Edmondston Saxby Kt. Royal Order of Vasa, Sweden. H.B. Published in 1948. £12

237. The History of Islay from the earliest times to 1848 by Clifford N. Jupp. P.B. Published in 1994. £10

238.Ancient & Mediaeval Sculptured Stones of Islay by W.D. Lamont. Includes thirty five illustrated plates. P.B. Originally published in 1968, this edition is from 1988. £8

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241.Eadar Da Shaoghal: Loch nam Madadh 1600-1995. Between Two Worlds: Lochmaddy 1600-1995. Booklet. Printed in 1996. 52 pages. £6

242. Studies of Nature on the Coat of Arran by George Milner. With illustrations by W.Noel Johnson. H.B. Published in 1894. £20

243. Volunteer Memories by Colonel William Lamont. Late Commanding 1st (Renfrewshire) Volunteer Battalion Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. With illustrations. H.B. Published in 1911. £45

244.Descriptive Notices of some of the Ancient Parochial and Collegiate Churches of Scotland. H.B. Ex Library. Published in 1848. £25

245.Dain Iain Gobha. The Poems of John Morrison The Songsmith of Harris. Collected and Edited with a Memoir by George Henderson M.A. Vol 1. H.B. Published in 1893. £20

246. The Gaelic Source of The Bronte Genius by Cathal O' Byrne. H.B Published in 1933. £15

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248. Fetlar The Lairds and their Estates. Brough Lodge, Leagarth House, Smithfield, The Haa of Urie. Booklet. 36 pages. Printed in 1993. £6

249. The History and Traditions of the Isle of Skye by Alexander Cameron. H.B. Originally published in 1871, this reprint is from 1994. £8

250.The Macleod's The Genealogy of a Clan. Section Four. The Macleod's Of Lewis with several Septs including The Macleod's of Raasay. By Alex Morrison M.A. P.B. Published in 1974. £25

251. The so called Evictions From the Macdonald Estates, in the Island of North Uist, Outer Hebrides 1849. By Patrick Cooper, A.M. Advocate in Aberdeen. Originally printed in 1881. This 13 page booklet was reprinted in 1985. £5

252.The Trial of the Bernera Rioters At Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, July 1874. With address to the jury by the agent for the defence and charge by the Sheriff. 40 page booklet, reprinted in 1985. £5

253.The Second Disruption. The Free Church in Victorian Scotland and the origins of the Free Presbyterian Church by James Lachlan Macleod. P.B. Published in 2000. £8

254. The Court Book of Orkney and Shetland 1612-1613. Transcribed and edited with Introduction and Glossary by Robert S.Barclay. Including an Index and five photographs of the original manuscript. H.B. With D/J Published in 1962. £10

255.The Book of Bennachie. Published by the Bailies of Bennachie. Edited by Archie W.M. Whiteley. H.B. With D/J published in 1976. £15

256. Buchan Claik. The Saut an the Glaur o't. A compendium of Words and Phrases from the North East of Scotland by Peter Buchan & David Toulmin. H.B With D/J. Published in 1989. £8

257. Croft History Isle of North Uist, Volume 1. Bill Lawson for Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist A Tuath. Bhalaigh, Griminis, Scolpaig, Baile Loin, Baile Mhartainn, Baile Locha, Hosta, Taigh Ghearraidh, Hoghaigearraidh, Gobhlair. A4 size publication. Printed in 1991. £10

258. An Cogadh Mor 1914-1918. Leabhar a chaidh a chuir ri cheile le Prouseact Muinntir nan Eilean agus Acair, agus tha a chuid mhor de'n Eachdraidh seo a tho fail air trip Ann's Na Hearradh, Nis agus an Iochdair le Comuinn Eachdraidh na sgirean sinn. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982. £8

259.The Fourth Viking Congress, York, August 1961. Edited by Alan Small. This volume contains a selection of papers read at the congress which met at York in 1961. The papers cover a wide range of topics including archaeology, philology and history. They present the results of recent research by workers who are recognised as experts in their field. H.B. With D/J. Published in 1965. £15

260. Birds and Mammals of Shetland by L.S.V. Venables, and U.M. Venables. Contents: Naturalists in Shetland, Shetland Habitats, Status Changes in Shetland Birds, Land Mammals, Sea Mammals, Birds. Appendix 1 Island Breeding Lists (Birds and Mammals). Appendix II Common Toad and Common Frog Appendix III Average Flowering Dates of Some Shetland Plants. Bibliography & Index. H.B. With D/J Published in 1955. £35

261. An Outline History of Govan Old Parish Church by John C.Macfarlane. 565 - 1965. Booklet. Printed in 1965. £5

262.Guide to Dunblane Cathedral by The Very Reverend J.Hutchison Cockburn. Booklet. 24 pages. Revised Edition 1972. Reprinted 1974. £5

263.A Guided Walk round Inverness by John M. Pearson. Booklet. 62 pages. Printed in 1987. £5

264.Fort George Official Guide by Iain Macivor. Booklet, 44 pages. Originally printed in 1970. This edition is from 1976. £5

265. A Fishing History of Lossiemouth by William Stewart (pilot)Booklet. 32 pages. Very Scarce. £8

266. Forgotten Voices of the Somme. The most devastating battle of the Great War in the words of those that survived. In association with the Imperial War Museum by Joshua Levine. Foreword by Richard Holmes. H.B. With D/J published in 2008.£5

267. A Waxing Moon. The Modern Gaelic Revival by Roger Hutchinson. This book is the story of one institution, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, the Gaelic college in Skye, that has stood at the centre of the revival. H.B With D/J Published in 2005. £5

268.Sarah Rae and other poems by the Rev George Murray of Troquhain J.P. Minister of Balmaclellan. H.B Published in 1883. £10

269.The Lewis Awakening 1949-1953 by Duncan Campbell. Booklet. 44 pages. Printed in 1954. £8

270.The Tartans of the Families of Scotland by Sir Thomas Innes of Learney. Lord Lyon King of Arms. K.C.V.O Advocate. Third Edition. Also includes a booklet of Highland Clan Tartans Septs and Dependents, Arranged under the Clans with which they are connected. H.B. Published in 1947. £15

271. Cambridge County Geographies -Aberdeenshire by Alexander Mackie M.A Late examiner in English, Aberdeen University, and author of Nature Knowledge in Modern Poetry. With Maps, Diagrams and Illustrations. H.B. Published in 1911. £15

272. Fisher in the West. An experience of Hebridean angling by Eddie Young, formerly Rector of the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. P.B. Published in 1994. £5

273.How Scotland is Owned by Robin Callander. Foreword by Andy Wightman. An in depth look at Scotland's unique system of land tenure. P.B. Published in 1998. £6

274.A Sireadh An Sgadain Seumas Ruairidh agus Ruairidh Sheumais le Calum Macmhaoilean. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann a 1990. £5

275. Viking Voyagers Then and Now by Alan Binns. A book that tells for the first time the complete story of the design, building and voyage of a replica Viking ship. P.B. Published in 1980 £ 6