The story of Harris…in tweed and tapestry


In November 1739, the slave-boat ‘William’ sailed from Ireland to Finsbay, in Harris.    There, local men, women and children were taken on board by force.
They were to be sold as slaves in the West Indies, but managed to escape when the ship stopped off in Ireland for supplies.
It’s a fascinating true story, but only one of many depicted on the ‘Isle of Harris Tapestry’, detailing over 1,000 years of Harris history.
Available to view upstairs in ‘An Clachan’ stores, in Leverburgh, the tapestry comprises nine panels, all relating to particular areas of Harris.
And as word of the exhibition grows, more and more visitors to Harris are stopping in to view for themselves this stunning piece of artwork, made almost entirely from Harris Tweed.
The Harris Tapestry was the brainchild of Gillian Scott-Forrest, who moved to Northton in 1994, from Oxfordshire.   She said: “In our church at that time we had been looking ahead to the millennium, to see what kind of gift we could provide from this generation to the next generation, something that would act as a lasting memento.

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