Coffee-lovers in Stornoway are in for a real lip-licking treat as a new mobile street café opens up to the public.

This unique pop-up café is the street-food arm of Moray Weir and Becca Engebretsen’s new business Titchy Pitch, a mobile catering and events management company.

Having successfully launched the islands’ first cocktail bar in February 2013, they decided to make their services more mobile.

With a gap in the local market for an artisan coffee shop, Titchy Pitch was born.

Moray and Becca travelled down to southern England recently to take delivery of the pod, and while there they met up with a specialist coffee provider, striking a deal which ensures that they will serve only the very finest coffee to their customers.  To complete the package, they bought a small eco-friendly Fiat for towing and delivery purposes, in the same distinctive mint green shade as their pod.  The pod will be predominantly based in the parking area beside ERA nightclub.

Becca said: “We are providing a service that doesn’t currently exist, so that we are not in competition with anyone else. There would be no point in duplicating a service that is already in existence, rather we are presenting an alternative option for lovers of food and coffee.

“All our coffee is the very best artisan coffee available, and we will have a range of bagels, focaccias, croissants and rustic rolls with a variety of delicious fillings, all of which will be as locally-sourced as it can be.”

Browsing the coffee menu, it’s easy to see why Titchy Pitch will be so alluring to aficionados.   The beans are supplied by the 918 Coffee Company, artisan roasters of coffee from across the globe.

“We are selling a lifestyle that we want people to embrace,” said Becca.  “It’s not just a cup of coffee.”

With this in mind, the pod will serve up single origin coffees from Tanzania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Java and Italy.

Like the set of a Hollywood movie, in just 15 minutes the coffee shop can be transformed into a cocktail bar for hire.

The pod is ideal for weddings and parties, with Moray and Becca having already  taken bookings for the near future.

The pod is interchangeable, its versatility is such it can also be made into a seafood bar, ice cream shop, or DJ booth.

The first of a planned fleet,  you will soon be able to book multiple pods to cater for your various needs at your event.

“You name it, we can do it!” vows Becca.

In keeping with the eco-conscious ethos of their suppliers, Titchy Pitch will be extremely environmentally friendly.

All cups and cutlery are biodegradable, and the coffee-machine deposits will be made available for compost.

The new venture has already created employment for five people, and they too, are an important part of the aesthetics.   Becca explained: “Our uniforms are in the style of the 1950’s because that fits in well with the theme of the pod, and of the whole business

“The 1950’s were synonymous with quality of service, and that’s what we are aiming for too.”  Titchy Pitch, with its 50’s staff, vintage colours and traditional quality of produce and service will be an attractive addition to any event.  By late August, Moray and Becca hope to be able to start a delivery takeaway service, bringing coffee and snacks to the population of Stornowa

“You won’t have to leave your office or house,” said Moray.  “Just tell us what you want and we’ll take it right to you.”