By Roz Skinner

For artist Duncan Currie, painting and fishing have always gone hand in hand.  Sitting in the peaceful Skye surroundings enables Duncan to charge his creative batteries and find inspiration from the constantly changing landscape.

“It feels like an interaction with nature," Duncan explains.  "I lose all sense of time when I am painting and fishing. They are both ways of experiencing a total immersion in the wild environment and natural landscape."

The ever-changing Skye light means that Duncan can paint a scene many times and always produce something different.  He says: “Some viewpoints become almost like a project for me, such as the one looking across Loch Slapin to Blaven.  Capturing it during different seasons and times of day means the view is familiar, but never the same.  Going out to the trout lochs really helps, as I see continuously varying foregrounds and that keeps my work interesting.”

From an early age, Duncan remembers having a passion for art, spending hours drawing animals.  Later, a teacher at school encouraged Duncan to go to art college.  “I can't remember wanting to do anything else,” he says.  “As I was brought up to be interested in the outdoors, my work is largely landscape-based.”

However, Duncan also produces a range of greetings cards, bags, coasters and mugs, illustrated with Scottish wildlife, birds and boats.  He says: “These prove to be very popular, especially the mugs.”

Duncan has recently moved his work from Broadford Gallery to a purpose-built cabin, just 40 yards away from his original location.  The new studio, located next door to Duncan's house, sits on the shore, looking towards the Isle of Pabay. Duncan states: “This is my second season in the new gallery.  I have downscaled and found that there was a really positive response to the new premises.  I work here comfortably – and there can't be many galleries with a view like this!”

Surrounded by stunning scenery, Duncan creates beautiful artwork, and his gallery is open to visitors all year round.  His winter opening hours are 12-6pm and summer opening hours are 11-6pm.

Duncan's home and cabin gallery are located on the shore-side as you travel through Broadford.  Duncan's house has “Exhibition” writ large on the front, making it literally an unmissable place to visit!