In place of serpents….great coffee and sandwiches!


By Roz Skinner

Great coffee and excellent sandwiches – this is what Deli Gasta is all about!

Set in Broadford, the Deli is the latest venture of James Robertson.  Although he is known for his gloriously-scented Skye Candles, James says that he has long felt the need for a nice deli and café space.

“I felt there was a bit of a lack of places to go in Skye for a light lunch,” James explains.  “In the cities, you’ve got so much choice for where to go for breakfast, lunch and everything in-between, but here most places tend to focus on evening service.   I also wanted a coffee shop that stays open later in the summer, so that it can be somewhere tourists or locals can go, or a place for people to meet up with their friends and not feel too pressured to drink.”

The Deli operates in what used to be the Isle of Skye Serpentarium, previously operated by Catherine and Alex Shearer.   “I acquired the beautiful building in December 2015, and spent quite a bit of time getting it exactly the way I wanted it to look,” says James.

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Chef’s food trail starts from home!

By Roz Skinner

Scorrybreac – it's the place where it all began for chef Calum Munro.

As well as being the name of his Portree restaurant, it is also the name of the house where he first discovered his love of cooking.  Says Calum: "From a young age, I watched my mother cooking at the big Aga.  I have always had an interest in experimenting with food."

The name "Scorrybreac" also refers to the nearby headland in Portree, hinting at the natural, wild element of the food.  Calum says: " This year, we will be focusing on foraging for a lot of our ingredients."  Local ingredients include salmon, venison, wild mint, wild garlic and hazelnuts.

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Café makes a name for itself!

By Roz Skinner

The Red Brick Cafe has become a favourite of locals and visitors for three main reasons: good parking facilities, excellent coffee and fast WiFi!

Located in Jansvan's hardware shop in Portree, the Cafe has been operating for three years.  The shop itself contains numerous useful items, including stationery, tools, gardening materials, pet care products and kitchenware.

Director of the company, Donnie Nicolson, says: “We get a lot of good feedback for our food, gluten-free baking and coffee.  We are always trying to make changes to the menu to make sure it is what our customers want, as well as being good value for money.

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Takeaway adds outside flavours to the Café Sia menu

By Roz Skinner

There's something special about sitting in a restaurant and watching your food being prepared.  At Cafe Sia, part of the dining experience is being able to see your pizzas disappear into the mouth of a wood-fired oven and emerge as bubbling circles of edible delight.

Since opening three years ago, Broadford based Cafe Sia has been supplying customers with the option to sit in or order a takeaway pizza – and 2017 will see the takeaway option expand with the addition of a dedicated takeaway area.

Complete with its own kitchen and oven, the new takeaway area is set to the left of the main entrance and will help keep the restaurant space streamlined.  Tom Eveling, Cafe Sia's owner, says: "During our first summer, we realised we would need to add a takeaway extension.  A backlog of takeaway orders can cause congestion in the kitchen, but the new dedicated takeaway area solves that."

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A modern tradition of baking

By Roz Skinner

Putting a contemporary twist on traditional food is something the Isle of Skye Baking Company does extremely well.  

Flavoursome names like Rose Petal Shortbread, Talisker Whisky chocolate-spread and raspberry scones are guaranteed to make your mouth water before you take a single bite.

Liza Hawthorne, who co-owns the company with her husband, Barry, explains: "We like to take traditional products and make them our own."

That aim often takes the Baking Company team on a culinary adventure to discover which flavours best complement each other.  "Because everyone has different taste-buds, we get our staff to test our latest creations," Liza laughs.

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