By Roz Skinner

The hot, spicy smell of delicious cuisine, the loud thump of an upbeat song and the springy feel of straw underfoot - all were to be found at Skye Live, the music festival at The Lump, Portree on April 3rd and 4th. 
The hard work and careful planning put in by the festival’s organisers, Niall Munro and Ali MacIsaac, was obvious. Little details, such as glowing lights strung across the railings, the Talisker Bar in one of the marquees, the effort made to ensure good soundproofing and the real enthusiasm Niall and Ali had for their event helped to make the festival truly memorable. 
Niall and Ali had long thought of organising a large-scale festival to utilize the iconic and beautiful location that is The Lump.  With great views of Portree and the harbour, as well as being close to the town centre, it proved to be an excellent location for visitors and locals to enjoy.  Various vendors provided gorgeous edibles (and very welcome warm coffee!)  In keeping with the fun atmosphere of the day, The Hat Stand sold many amusing and varied hats! 
On the first day, acts such as Hot Chip (Felix Martin), Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston (a Love From Skye set), Jasper James, Ali McFly, Munroso, Ali Maclennan entertained from four o’clock onwards.  The rain swept across the Lump, but nothing could dampen the cheerful atmosphere created by the dance beats!
The second day featured more traditional acts, the first being SkyeFall at 12:00 PM.  Other acts included Doc Livingstone + Brendan Martin, Amy Baillie, Sinks Ships, Fat Suit, Niteworks, Shooglenifty, Peatbog Faeries and Niall’s father, ex-Run-Rig singer, Donnie Munro.  Images depicting various scenes from bygone Skye were projected onto the screen behind the acts, juxtapositioning the modern songs with Skye’s history. 
The appeal of Skye Live was shown by how far people came to hear the acts.  Tickets had been sold all over the world and those present hailed from as near as Struan on Skye, and as far away as Canada!  Comments from the festival-goers included positive remarks about the music, the atmosphere and a great deal of praise for the hard work of Niall and Ali. 
Earlier in the year, Niall and Ali told The Skye Magazine they were aiming to create a “fun, friendly, upbeat festival.”  I think we can safely say they were resoundingly successful!